Início » Rua da Felicidade in Macau to become exclusive for pedestrians starting from September 29

Rua da Felicidade in Macau to become exclusive for pedestrians starting from September 29

The transformation of Rua da Felicidade into an exclusively pedestrian area will start operating, on an experimental basis, from the September 29, the Macau authorities announced

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According to the Cultural Affairs of Macau, the new pedestrian zone will include between Rua da Felicidade, Travessa do Mastro, Travessa do Aterro Novo, Rua do Matapau and Travessa de Hó Lo Quai, with the new pilot project implemented at the end of September before Chinese National Day and Moon Cake Festival holidays.

During a press conference to announce the project on sunday, the IC also revealed that the gaming concessionaire Wynn Macau will be a government partner in this initiative, with the operator responsible for carrying out cultural and commercial activities, artistic-cultural shows, artistic installations, restoration and leisure. , among other elements, in the historic area.

The six gaming operators were tasked as part of their new gaming licenses to help the government revitalize old neighborhoods as part of the city’s diversification efforts.

During the pilot project period, the pedestrian zone will be closed to road traffic on a daily basis, except for authorized vehicles, from 11:00 am to 1:00 am, being reopened to traffic from 1:00 am to 11:00 am.

According to the IC, the plan for the pedestrian zone has Rua da Felicidade as its core, in order to explore, expand and integrate the cultural resources of the surrounding streets and articulate with the main tourist areas, such as Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, the Largo do Senado, Largo de Santo Agostinho, among other surrounding places with classified buildings, where there is always a relatively dense flow of visitors and residents

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