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• Director-General: Paulo Rego  • Executive Director: Guilherme Rego • Senior editor (Chinese): David Chan Editors (Portuguese): Nelson Moura and Gonçalo Francisco  • Journalists:  Bruno Ramos, Viviana Chan, Dexter Ho, Lisa Mok, Katherine Sio, Carol Law, Victoria Man • Collaborators: Yen Yen Lei, Eva Un, Tony Lai • Creative director: Helre Lau 

• Translation and proofreading: Carol Law and Victoria Man

• Advertising: Mei Mei Wong, Filipa Rodrigues

• Ownership: Platform Projects Multimedia, Limited • Registered at the Macau Commerce and Movable Property Registry under No. 49951 (SO) • NIPC: 82434105 • Headquarters: Avenida da Praia Grande N° 715, Edifício Veng Lei, 3º andar P, Macau

Administrator: Paulo Rego

• Partnerships: China Daily (China) • Shanghai Daily (China) • TDM Channel and Radio Macau • Jornal de Notícias (Portugal) • Diário de Notícias (Portugal) • TSF (Portugal) • Dinheiro Vivo (Portugal) • O Jogo (Portugal) • Folha de São Paulo (Brazil) • Grupo Bandeirantes (Brazil) • IstoÉ (Brazil) • Jornal de Angola • O País (Angola) • Agencies: Xinhua, Lusa, Agência Brasil, AFP

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Generalist media, focusing on the relationship between Portuguese-speaking countries and China.

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