Objectives and Achievements

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– Promoting Macao as a platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries
– Encouraging business networks between Chinese and Portuguese-speaking entrepreneurs
– Networking between political and economic decision makers from China and Portuguese-speaking countries
– Networking between media references and academic critical mass
– Adopting a multilingual approach and innovative new business models in the internet
– Utilizing new digital platforms to globally promote Macao
– Providing tailor-made services by managing back-office based meta-data
– Targeting local, regional, national and global audiences
– Integrating East and West business cultures
– Achieving local, regional, national and international credibility and relevance
– Sharing the views of journalists, analysts and opinion leaders of high credibility and reputation
– Organizing workshops and conferences among China and Lusophone countries
– Promoting thoughts and reflections in Macao for new business opportunities
– Enhancing mutual understanding among academic, political, business and financial sectors
– Helping Macao to assert itself as an international platform for multilingual services
– Drawing attention to critical mass and global decision makers
– Transporting Macao’s multimedia production outside of its borders
– Innovating in writing, drawing, graphic design and multimedia production

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Generalist media, focusing on the relationship between Portuguese-speaking countries and China.

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