Início » Gambling-themed movie filmed in Macau conquers China’s box office

Gambling-themed movie filmed in Macau conquers China’s box office

The mainland Chinese film "No More Bets," which was filmed in Macau last year, surpassed RMB2 billion (US$ 274 million) in box office sales on its 8th day of release.


“No More Bets” is China’s first ‘anti-fraud’ film, and after this summer’s box office records could potentially become this year’s box office champion.

The film is directed by emerging director Shen Ao and produced by Ning Hao, with Zhang Yixing and Jin Chen as its main actors. It is set in the “KK Park” in Myanmar and revolves around themes of phone fraud and large-scale human trafficking.

The film includes several gaming elements, including croupiers, roulettes, baccarat, and live-stream gambling, with some of its scenes of the film were shot in Macau with assistance from the local production company Type-F Studio.

Initially, the mainland film industry wasn’t optimistic about “No More Bets”, as it did not fit the comedy or sci-fi film categories. However, the film managed so far to generate an opening day box office of 170 million RMB, potentially surpassing the accumulated 4.5 billion RMB box office of “Full River Red” and making it the mainland’s box office champion for the year.

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