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The new time begins now

The sudden decision to reverse the Covid-zero policy was the only one China could have taken, given the economic, social and political circumstances that plague the country. The virus did not change, nor did it run away.

What has changed is the political vision, which now understands the urgency of learning to live with the pandemic, giving up on prolonging the illusion that one day the wind would carry it away, in a heavenly magic trick. The public health risk remains.

And all care must now be redoubled, especially in the case of the elderly and immune systems weakened by other diseases. From the point of view of preventive – and palliative – care, this year will be crucial, especially for those with comorbidities of the heart, lung, airways, etc… Because Macau has been in a bubble for three years, without developing community immunity, the population is now doubly exposed to the inevitable accelerated transmission of Covid-19 – and other diseases.

The fact that more than 90 percent of the population is vaccinated, at least with one dose, is positive; but it does not solve the problem. Everyone must take the doses that are still missing; and it is the responsibility of the state, family, and friends to explain to those who have not yet been vaccinated that this is the time to do so.

The use of the mask in places with a lot of movement, or closed spaces; even though it is not mandatory, it is still highly recommended. Especially in the case of the elderly and those who live with them more directly, to avoid transmission in cases of particular fragility. Finally, it is expected that the Executive will properly reinforce the conditions of care in hospitals and health centers.

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And at this stage it is also crucial to establish telephone and online helplines so that the population has a sense of security and right care at the right time.

In return for this risk, Macau follows China’s decision – it could do no other – and opens a new, long-awaited cycle. This is the moment to recall the Chief Executive’s statements, when celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the Special Administrative Region:

“With the progressive relaxation of restrictions on the movement of people, the signing of concession contracts” for casino gaming, and with “the proper and diversified development of the economy” and “the firm support of the great Motherland,” Macau will “overcome the difficulties and create a new development scenario.”

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Now, this is the December that truly counts. It is the beginning of a new cycle, and Ho Iat Seng has two years to prove himself; and what the promises he has made are worth:

“The government has been “proactively promoting various industries,” such as big health, the modern financial industry, the high-tech industry, the convention and exhibition and commercial industries, and the cultural and sports industries, with a view to enriching the content of the World Tourism and Leisure Center and orderly promoting the proper and diversified development of the economy,” he also said this year.

Not quite… but it will have to be.

And the time is now.

*General Director of PLATAFORMA

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