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“PSG’s project, as it progresses, makes patience get shorter”

Mauricio Pochettino assured that his time on the Paris bench was a “very positive experience” and showed confidence that PSG will, in the future, lift the long-awaited Champions League.

Mauricio Pochettino gave his first interview this Monday since he left PSG’s coaching position in early July.

In conversation with the Argentine website Infobae, the coach began by ensuring that he has no regrets about his time with the French champion, adding that PSG has all the conditions to one day raise the Champions League – a goal that failed to meet and led to his departure.

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“It was a very positive experience to coach PSG. Failure? It was not only last season. PSG, especially in the last ten or 11 years, with the arrival of the new owners, has the goal of winning the Champions League and I think the means are there. Sometimes, soccer doesn’t go the way one expects, there are factors that can’t be controlled, but by insisting year after year, PSG will one day achieve it,” he considered.

Recently, the French Press reported that PSG is considering hiring a psychologist for the first team in order to avoid rematches like the one operated by Real Madrid last season in the Champions League round of 16.

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