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Are you ready?

Johnson Chao*

This week, there was a breakthrough in Mainland China residents visit scheme to Macau. Starting on the 26th, the Guangzhou immigration administration will resume processing Guangdong resident’s travel visas to Macau, including group tours and individual tours. This means that Macau will welcome mainland tourists, in a very near future.

Covid-19 made Macau tourists “disappear” for half a year. During this half year, various industries have been affected. Macau, without tourists, is nothing. It returned to being a small village. During these six months, different sectors are thinking how to find a way to solve the problem. Some gaming operators took advantage of this period to refurbish the facilities and give discounts to attract local consumers. The government has also launched a number of subsidized training programs to employees. Earlier, Zhuhai City opened travel visa to Macau. In the last weekends, the shops in Macau are receiving tourists that are shopping. Everything is ready.

The normalization of prevention is the real challenge after reopen the tourists. How to ensure the health of residents becomes the priority. Fortunately, the invention of vaccines is gradually succeeding. Chinese officials confirmed that the emergency use of the Covid-19 vaccine was officially launched on July 22. The purpose is to take the lead in establishing an immune barrier among special groups such as medical personnel, border inspection people, and the people who guarantee basic urban operations.

Are we ready to reopen?

*Chinese editor at Plataforma

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