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A tale of twin cities

Finally the border is re-opened. Starting from July 15, all the passengers entering the Cantonese provinces through the Cantonese-Macau border are now exempted from the 14 quarantine.

Even though it is only limited in the 9 cities in Greater bay area, it is a big step closer to the ease of lock down. Macau residents have been hungry for this decision. As soon as the announced was made last night, the webpage of online testing reservation under health bureau was difficult to log in due to the high demand of the requests.

The authority should be well prepared, due to the high demand of the application to cross the border. This is defiantly a day to celebrate, but we should also be alert on the epidemic prevention.

Local authorities should release the guideline for hotel and tourism industry, to ensure safety for the locals and tourists, and try to minimize the risks as much as possible. The number of the new cases has been increasing every day. In Hong Kong, daily reported double – digit coronavirus cases is shadowing the society.

Hong Kong government has been tightened up again for the epidemic prevention policy, theme parks have been shut down , and restaurants are only allowed to deliver food in the evening. The regulation of public gathering has been tightening up, gathering with more than 4 people is considered illegal. Hong Kong and Macau is only a bridge away, epidemic prevention policy are different between the two cities.

Traveling between the two cities has been suspended for a few months, but cargo traffic never stopped. A few days ago, staff members confirmed to be Covid-19 positive in a fastshipping company, and all the package needed to be disinfected.

Early this year in April, one man from mainland china did not wash his hands before picking up his package, and confirmed to have coronavirus afterwards.

Macau authorities should have a deep thought on the epidemic prevention policy in terms of logistic, to ensure the safety of the city.

*Journalist and editor at Plataforma

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