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These are the most common lies of dating app users

Be aware of dating apps and dating platforms because almost half of users admit that they lie when composing their profile. The goal is clear!

We warn you right away: do not be the target of “catfish” on the Internet. A study that surveyed two thousand users of online platforms concluded that almost half of respondents lie in applications.

But, after all, what are the most altered details? The answer focuses on hair and height. Yes, you read that right.

Nearly half (47%) of single people surveyed by One Poll admitted to hiding the truth, with males (51%) more likely than females (44%).

The applications most used by singles in this study are Tinder and, with the former being used more frequently for casual encounters.

Each user spends around 16 hours a week browsing profiles to choose a date. In all, on average, each person chooses five potential mates. And the stakes are high, 47% of respondents believe they will find love and fall in love in real life.

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