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Signs of life

This Golden Week was carefully prepared, with the authorities avoiding launching excessive forecasts and expectations, which later always proved to be out of step with the harsh reality of Macau.

Apparently, these precautions paid off, as the daily average of visitors broke pandemic records. Nothing that comes close to the numbers for 2019, as we always make a point of remembering, but combined with the return of group tours, as well as electronic visas for those coming from the Interior, the hope of those who live from tourism is justified.

On the way to the third year of isolation, the population feels more than ever the weight of choice and, although there is consensus in the community that the end may be soon, PLATFORMA sources indicate that there are irreversible damages adjacent to Macau’s decisions.

Speaking of the real thing, the city has immense potential to rival any part of the world in two fields: gaming industry and MICE.

In 20 years, that’s what he built, and, despite planning a diversified future, with more solutions – and well – reopening requires a strong return to these two areas. They are the basis of everything, bamboo before concrete.

But since the second half of the year, there has been a worrying relocation of gaming support companies and, later, of the major events that Macau has always hosted. There are always two sides of the coin: some believe it is temporary, others that change is permanent.

And here is the danger that Macau’s delay represents. While the city hibernates, regional competition takes advantage of and consolidates its position in the market.

The return to normality will not be a bed of roses. Recovery will not be a snap of the fingers. You will soon realize that the resources are lacking to compete in a market that you do not know – abroad.

The Macau Government does what it can with what it has inherited. It shares the helm with Beijing to find a way out of the pandemic together.

But many have already abandoned the boat, because the binoculars only saw storms. There must be signs of life, so that the great infrastructure is accompanied by the human resources necessary to overcome the economic stagnation.

*Executive Director of PLATAFORMA

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