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An old-fashioned wine

Altitude by Duorum 2020 is the name of the new wine put on the market by Duorum. Fresh and fruity, it likes to be accompanied by cheese boards and meat dishes. But it all depends on imagination and appetite

On the label (designed by branding designer Rita Rivotti), a bird perched on a branch wears a costume worthy of the former Counts of Castelo Melhor, the name of the farm in the Douro where the new Altitude by Duorum comes from. But the choice of image was not occasional or just decorative, as these vineyards are located in two locations that are part of the European Network for Nature Conservation (Natura 2000 Network), the Special Protection Area for Birds of the Douro International and the Águeda Valley. and the Douro International Site of Community Importance. With this conscience in mind, the company has long adopted an environmental conduct that is now certified by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity and its consequent adhesion to the European Business & Biodiversity initiative, an international network of companies that integrates concerns with nature and the biodiversity.

The wine that comes to us “represented” by such an illustrious bird is, according to João Portugal Ramos, “a wine made the old-fashioned way, which does not pass through the barrel and is bottled early so that it is fresh and very fruity”. Altitude by Duorum is the result of a blend of the typical varieties of the Douro region – Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz. Deep red in color, intense aroma, dominated by ripe black fruit and floral aromas of violet, this is a full-bodied, fresh wine, with balanced acidity well involved in its body and volume. For João Perry Vidal, director of Viticulture at Duorum, the idea was “to create a wine that was like a boat ride on the Douro River – unforgettable and that leaves us wanting to come back! Altitude expresses the unique character of the Douro Superior, transporting us to a panoramic image of the vineyards, which give rise to fresh, fruity and vibrant wines that constitute a refuge for local biodiversity.”

Its main purpose is to respond to the growing world demand for fresher and more balanced wines from the high-altitude vineyards (400 – 500 meters) of Quinta de Castelo Melhor. Vineyards that are subject to cool nights and a privileged exposure to sunlight and light during the day. This thermal amplitude, between night and day, helps to obtain ripe grapes, but endowed with excellent acidity. Now available on the market, it will be on sale in specialized wineries from North to South of the country and on the Horeca channel.

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