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João Lourenço highlights the importance of sport after cycling 23 kilometers

The MPLA’s candidate, Joao Lourenço, showed, this Sunday, that he is in good physical shape, when he cycled 23 kilometers in only 49 minutes, in a route between the Luanda’s Port and the New Marginal, where he made other laps, before entering to the Dr. António Agostinho Neto Memorial to cut the goal.

The leader of the MPLA, João Lourenço, before cutting the finish line, performed other laps showing breath to keep the race © Photo by: Santos Pedro| Edições Novembro

The exercise, which had the presence of a considerable number of supporters, many of them cyclists, was marked by the withdrawal of many participants, mostly young, still in the middle of the first lap. Arriving at the finish line, with President João Lourenço, who is now 68 years old, were practically the federated athletes, a considerable number from Petro de Luanda, and his personal security personnel.

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In brief statements to the press, João Lourenço, who surprised those present by not exhibiting gasping breath, as expected given the physical activity, said that the exercise served to show youth the importance of practicing sports for health. “This was just a sign of example to our youth, whom we want well,” said the MPLA candidate for the General Elections on the 24th of this month, recalling that this country belongs to the youth.

“If the young people are not healthy, we will not have a healthy country either,” he stressed. The leader João Lourenço stressed that, in order to take up this challenge, young people must first have a healthy soul in a healthy body. “Practice sports. It can be cycling, soccer, handball or basketball,” advised the president of MPLA.

The important thing is that it be physical activity, so that we have a heart that beats strong, in order to endure the vicissitudes of life,” he appealed. Some members of the outgoing Executive participated in the exercise, especially the Secretary of State for Fisheries and MPLA candidate for Vice-President of the Republic, Esperança Costa, the Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Media, Manuel Homem, the Secretary of State for Sports, Carlos Almeida, and the governor of Luanda, Ana Paula de Carvalho. Marked still presence, the level of the MPLA structure, the vice-president, Luísa Damião, and the 1st national secretary of JMPLA, Crispiniano dos Santos.

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