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“Intimidation will not silence us”: artists share support text for Pedro Abrunhosa

“Intimidation will not silence us”: artists share support text for Pedro Abrunhosa

Several artists have shown support for Pedro Abrunhosa, still because of the Russian embassy’s reaction to the lyricist’s statements during a concert in Águeda.

After the government repudiated the “tone and content” of a missive from the Russian embassy about Pedro Abrunhosa, following a speech by the musician against Putin and the war in Ukraine, during a concert in Águeda, on July 2, several artists are sharing a statement of support for the musician. Carolina Deslandes, Agir, Irma, Jimmy P, Karetus and HMB are among the musicians who have joined the movement, marked by the hashtag #SomosTodosAbrunhosa or #JeSuisAbrunhosa. José Cid had already released a video of support.

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After Abrunhosa vociferated the expression “Vladimir Putin, go fuck yourself!” during the AgitÁgueda festival, the diplomatic entity issued an official statement in which it accused the musician of saying “several rude and unacceptable things about the citizens of the Russian Federation, as well as its highest leaders.”

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