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Brad Pitt’s routine for staying healthy at 58

If there’s one celebrity icon who always looks good, it’s actor and producer Brad Pitt – who recently admitted that he has prosopagnosia, a condition that prevents him from recognizing people’s faces as a result of extensive damage to the occipital and temporal lobes. We checked out the healthy habits and fitness secrets the actor follows to stay healthy at 58.

No one earns the title of “sexiest man in Hollywood” or “sexiest man in the world” without practicing some good, solid habits throughout life. Now that he is starring in a new action thriller with Sandra Bullock, Bullet Train: Bullet Train, which opens in August, playing an assassin, it will become clear once again why everyone keeps noticing him… even if he has a more reserved lifestyle.

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Brad Pitt is a fan of matcha

Matcha tea, cranberry juice and sparkling water are among the actor’s favorite things: “I have the cleanest urinary tract in the entire city of Los Angeles, I assure you,” he reveals. And the star offers some sage advice, shared with GQ: “For me every misstep was a step toward epiphany, understanding, some kind of joy. Yes, avoiding pain is a real mistake. It is the real loss of life. It is precisely those things that shape us, that offer growth, that make the world a better place, strangely, ironically. It makes us better.”

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