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PS refuses biweekly debates but accepts monthly debates

After having approved the end of the Prime Minister’s presence in the chamber, PS goes back, but does not want the previous model. Chega, IL, PAN and PSD ask for the return of the fortnightly.

The PM was in Parliament this Wednesday for the debate on the censure motion proposed by Chega.

The Portuguese Socialist Party (PS) presented on Wednesday to the parliamentary Constitutional Affairs Committee its proposal in the legislative process that is underway regarding the return of fortnightly debates. The proposal, revealed to Diário Económico by a source from the leadership of the Socialist parliamentary group, is halfway between the current situation – the Prime Minister only comes to Parliament every two months – and what parties such as Chega, IL, PAN and also the PSD propose: the pure and simple return of mandatory fortnightly debates with the PM.

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Thus, the socialists propose that the government should be obligatorily in plenary to answer to the deputies every fortnight, alternating this presence between sectoral ministers and the prime minister. In other words: if the proposal of the Socialist Party (which has an absolute majority for this) is approved, the head of government will be in Parliament once a month. The socialists say that with this proposal will create a situation where all ministers will have to respond in plenary at least once a year.

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