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More than 70 percent of emigrants want to return to Portugal

Low wages in Portugal are the main reason why people living abroad have not yet returned, according to a survey by Sedes.

More than 70 percent of Portuguese living abroad want to return to Portugal, in the medium or long term, and 73 percent have already invested or consider likely to invest in their country, according to a Sedes survey released Tuesday.

Of the 300 emigrants and Portuguese descendants covered by the survey, only 18 percent said they do not intend to return to live in their country of origin, while 11.6 percent said they want to return in the short term and 71 percent said they want to return to live in Portugal in the medium or long term or only after retirement (43 and 28 percent respectively).

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The low Portuguese wages are for 62 percent of respondents the reason why they have not yet returned to their country. On the other hand, 19 percent say it is due to lack of social recognition of their skills and functions, when compared to what is given in the host country, and 30 percent indicate the levels of cronyism and corruption in Portugal as a reason for not having returned.

For 27 percent of respondents, the lack of professional opportunities is the obstacle to return, while for 22 percent it is the poor health system. Administrative services in Portugal are also cited as an obstacle by 16 percent of respondents, and the political system in Portugal by 11 percent, as well as the Portuguese legal system, which is mentioned by another 11 percent.

Only six percent cite the lack of return support as an obstacle and another six percent say they cannot come to Portugal yet to avoid interrupting the schooling of their children. More and better communication and information, greater proximity, better consular services and a stronger and formal connection with the Portuguese communities are some of the aspects that the emigrants surveyed considered essential to strengthen their connection to Portugal.

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But they also mention as other important aspects the existence of policies to promote the teaching of the Portuguese language and history, better media dedicated to the communities, the strengthening of ties with the Lusodescendants and that the Portuguese living or moving abroad are considered with the same value and respect as those living in the country, often mentioning the disrespectful consular service as an example contrary to this.

In addition, they believe that Portugal should “facilitate the exercise of the vote”, have “greater efficiency in consular offices” and “greater consular presence and proximity”.

The emigrants covered by the survey also point out the need to create “an ombudsman for emigrants” and that there should be “less bureaucracy and administrative slowness”. But they also argue that the realities of Portuguese communities should be made known and that synergies between these communities and the country should be strengthened through greater dialogue and cooperation.

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However, of the 300 people polled in this survey by Sedes – the Association for Economic and Social Development, “73 per cent have already invested, or are considering investing in Portugal” in a house, a business or something else. According to the same study, 32 percent have already done so, and reference is made to the fact that older emigration has a tradition of investing in a secondary residence, or even sending many remittances to Portugal (savings), projecting a return in the short or medium term as a goal.

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