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Inflation leads portuguese consumers to rule out sustainability

With less income and products becoming more expensive, families are seeking strategies to save on purchases, namely by opting for less environmentally friendly goods.

The rising cost of living is already leading to changes in consumption habits, with families eating more often at home, looking for cheaper or second-hand products and preferring reusable items instead of “use and throw away”. These are data from the latest Kantar Worldpanel survey that show that, faced with the impact of inflation on their pockets, families are prepared to abandon the most environmentally friendly brands to save money.

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Sustainability is a topic dear to consumers’ hearts, but only when they can afford it. The survey data shows that 58 percent of respondents regularly buy grocery products from environmentally friendly brands, a rate of 53 percent for cleaning and hygiene, 52 percent for paper goods, 27 percent for cosmetics and 11 percent for baby items. However, only 15 to 20 percent of respondents guarantee that they will maintain their investment in this type of brand, even in the face of a reduction in income.

In fact, the study shows that 23 percent of buyers of environmentally friendly grocery products have already exchanged them for cheaper items, a percentage that rises to 36 percent when it comes to baby products. 32 percent say they are likely to make the switch and 28 percent say they might. In terms of markets, the study says, commitment to eco-friendly brands is higher in Germany and Spain, with rates of 27 and 26 percent, than in France (15 percent) and India (11 percent).

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