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“Hacker” Rui Pinto starts today a “long” battle

The Campus of Justice, in Lisbon, is this Friday the stage of the first session of Rui Pinto’s trial, which will start at 9:30 am.

The creator of the Football Leaks portal is accused of 90 crimes of illegitimate access, improper access, violation of correspondence and computer sabotage to entities such as the Attorney General’s Office, the Portuguese Football Federation, Sporting, SAD and the law firm PLMJ, in addition to an attempted extortion of the company Doyen, from 500 thousand euros to 1 M €.

Contacted by O JOGO, Tiago Melo Alves, a lawyer in Criminal Law, foresees a long journey due to the constraints inherent in a process that may not be considered urgent, since none of the defendants is detained. “Since no one is in prison, urgent cases always have priority in rescheduling. If more sessions are needed, they cannot take the place of trials of imprisoned defendants. On the other hand, there are dozens of witnesses listed, some of them residing abroad. This limits it a lot ”, he explained.

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