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Mozambique, cooperation is necessary

Paulo Porto Fernandes

As widely reported in the last week, the government of Portugal, in addition to the defense cooperation already existing with the government of Mozambique, expressed its willingness to collaborate in the search for a solution to contain the wave of attacks in the north, in the Province of Cabo Delgado.

These attacks are reported to have been carried out by groups linked to the self-proclaimed Islamic State, with a high probability of being trained in Congo and Somalia, who seek to control this region rich in natural resources. These actions have killed thousands of citizens, started about three years ago and there will already be about 200,000 displaced people. The Cabo Delgado region is known for containing large reserves of natural gas, precious stones and exotic wood, but also known for its precariousness with high levels of poverty.

*Legislator of the Socialist Party (PS) – Portugal

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