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Pandemic exceeds 11 million cases worldwide

The new coronavirus pandemic caused at least 526,663 deaths worldwide and exceeded 11 million cases since the beginning of the pandemic, according to a balance made by the agency France Presse, from official sources.

According to the world balance, which reflects the epidemiological situation of covid-19 at 11:00 TMG (12:00 in Portugal), 11,103,630 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus were recorded, in which at least 5,715,100 of them are considered cured.

The figures, however, warns France Press, reflect only a fraction of the actual total of contaminations, given that several countries only carry out tests in serious cases, others as a priority for screening actions and still others, the most disadvantaged and poor, have the capacity limited testing.

The United States, which recorded the first death associated with covid-19 in early February, continues to be the country most affected, both in the number of cases and in the number of deaths – 2,795,163 infected and 129,437 deaths. At least 790,404 people are considered cured.

After the United States, the country most affected is Brazil, with 63,174 deaths in 1,539,081 cases of infection, followed by the United Kingdom (44,131 deaths in 284,276 cases), Italy (34,833 – 241,184) and France (29,893 – 203,367).

China, without the territories of Hong Kong and Macau, officially accounted for a total of 83,545 cases of infection, 4,634 deaths and 78,509 cured.

Europe today totals 198,878 deaths in 2,706,195 cases, the United States and Canada 138,147 deaths in 2,900,189, Latin America and the Caribbean 124,327 deaths (2,804,894), Asia 36,998 deaths (1,431,419), the Middle Orient 17,289 deaths (801,681), Africa 10,891 deaths (449,376) and Oceania 133 deaths (9,882 cases).

The balance of the French news agency is based on data collected from the competent national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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