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Police arrest black CNN reporter in Minneapolis

A black CNN reporter was arrested this Thursday, 28th, while covering the wave of protests in Minneapolis, United States, for the death of GeorgeFloyd, a black man who was asphyxiated by a policeman last Monday .

It all happened when the reporter concerned was making a direct to CNN and according to the police the journalist was arrested because he did not leave the scene in question when asked. Omar Jimenez showed his identification as a journalist, but he was nevertheless taken to the police station.

Still according to CNN, in the same team of journalists was another person, white, but who was not detained by the Minneapolis police.

The journalist was released on the morning of Friday, the 29th, and at the door of the police station tried to explain the whole situation. “We were talking to the policemen to find out where we could be working, but from one moment to the next, after they arrested someone close to us, they ended up arresting me. They just said they were following orders. They were not violent “, stressed Omar.

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