Início » “Iron shield”. Article 5 now applies to Finland

“Iron shield”. Article 5 now applies to Finland

NATO welcomes from this Tuesday the 31st member state, with the accession of Finland, less than a year after having formalized the request. Upon arrival at the ceremony, secretary general Jens Stoltenberg highlighted the security guarantees that are now being given to the Scandinavian country.

On the day that also marks the 74th anniversary of the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty, Stoltenberg classified it as “historic” because the organization continues to increase its members and welcomed what he considers the best response to those who aimed to weaken the alliance .

“It demonstrates that when President Putin had as his declared objective that the invasion of Ukraine was to guarantee less NATO on its borders, he wanted to close the doors of NATO, to end NATO memberships of any other European country, he is getting exactly what he wants. opposite,” he said.

Stoltenberg admits that the end of more than seven decades of neutrality in Finland “could, a few years ago, seem unthinkable”. For that reason, he does not hesitate to classify the day as “truly historic”, now that Finland is a “full member of the alliance”.

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