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Against the war… march, march

Paulo Rego*

Wang Yi’s charm operation in Europe had an ace up his sleeve: the Chinese peace plan for Ukraine. Putin puffs up his chest and says this is not the time for peace… the war will go on. Its make bad. Is blinded by power; loses track of historical time.

It is very difficult for the West to explain the issue to the East. If we look at the map, with eyes to see, we see China surrounded by Washington allies – armed to the teeth. Tension on the border with Russia is the last thing that can be demanded of Beijing. It is not even worth thinking that China is influenced by the Western ethical imperative. It makes no sense, nor is it intellectually honest.

That said, in any corner of the world, whatever the political culture and strategic positioning, the Russian military invasion of Ukraine is simply unacceptable. Even if it is true that the United States knew well that they were provoking Moscow by integrating the countries of the former Soviet Union into NATO.

The bottom line is the demonization of China. Far beyond the political regime, the strategic partnership between Xi and Putin is the Western attack’s greatest asset. Washington does not show any impulse towards peace. Incidentally, the feeling he gives is that war interests him; for economic, strategic, and domestic policy reasons. But it is also true that they had to react to Russia’s obsession with the memory of the Soviet empire. Which makes it very difficult to criticize Washington.

This war serves a lot of people, on both sides of the barricade. It certainly does not serve the Ukrainian people, who die mired in a country in ruins; not the Russian people, let alone their soldiers; it does not serve a world that every day risks a catastrophe caused by nationalist tensions… it does not serve China, which understands well the hole it has gotten itself into.

There is one fact that Putin disapproves of. If he allows China to find an east-led peace – and the west refuses – the Atlantic hawks lose popular support. And that, in liberal democracies, still counts. Putin misses the opportunity that this peace would open to the Moscow/Beijing axis – opening a new horizon in New Delhi. Triumvirate, that one, who is the true demon that frightens the Atlantic.

*General Director of PLATAFORMA

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