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23 people held responsible for stampede that killed 159 in Seoul

Twenty-three people have been held responsible for the stampede that killed 159 people in the South Korean capital, following a police investigation into the tragedy that took place during Halloween celebrations in Seoul.

The findings were announced today and forwarded to the Public Ministry, with the 23 people now facing, among others, charges of negligence.

The National Police Agency team concluded that the stampede was caused by the fact that the authorities had not taken measures to prevent disasters and had not responded promptly to the created emergency situation.

The investigation, which lasted a month and a half, focused on officials in Yongsan Township, the district where Itaewon is located, as well as the actions of police and firefighters, as well as officials of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

Among those referred to the prosecutor’s office for possible prosecution and for whom an arrest warrant has already been issued are Yongsan Mayor Park Hee-young and former district police commissioner Lee Im-jae, both accused of negligence that resulted in the deaths.

Other municipal officials and a former member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, accused of suppressing reports that warned of the potential danger of accidents during the Halloween festivities in Itaewon, are also in the same situation.

The cases of agency chief Kim Kwang-ho and two other officials in charge of emergency monitoring at the time of the disaster, as well as fire chief Yongsan Choi Seong-beom, were also referred to prosecutors, but without warrants. catch.

In the same situation is the head of the Itaewon metro station, who did not order the closure of the stop closest to the site, a measure that is taken when there is a danger of crowding.

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