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Macau government promises to regulate jobs with reduced gambling

The authorities want to reduce the weight of gambling on the economy, but Ho Iat Seng, Chief Executive, was unable to explain yesterday, in detail, to the deputies, how jobs will be guaranteed in this transition phase, especially taking into account the new public tender for the allocation of gaming licenses. The future will undoubtedly involve a greater focus on non-gaming elements and a diversification of industries, with examples being given in the areas of science, health and artificial intelligence, among others.

“With the new tender we hope to have a development path for Macau and the new concessionaires will be able to work in non-gaming areas. Both in terms of law and contracts, we are going to regulate the issue of jobs”, he stressed.

Ho Iat Seng did a memory exercise on the heyday of the gaming sector, between 2013 and 2014, when casinos recorded their best ever numbers in terms of revenue, to remind him that the current political line should not follow that path.

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