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Bill Gates’ plan to avoid the crisis that will kill five times more than the covid

Tomorrow, around the world, Bill Gates’ book is released which brings together many years of research on climate change and the experience of being one of the main technological innovators of the 20th century. Keeping the Earth from ending is the goal.

It is tomorrow that Bill Gates launches a new book worldwide. Still in a pandemic, also at a global level, Gates does not forget the times of covid-19 and adds a postscript to How to Avoid a Climate Disaster in order to leverage the teachings of the last year to counter the announced disaster, once again at the planetary level, that the warming of the Earth will cause in the coming decades and endanger all life.

Right in the introduction (you can read in online bookstores), Bill Gates makes a confession: “Twenty years ago, it would never have crossed my mind that one day I would be speaking in public about climate change, much less writing a book on the subject. I dedicated my life to software development, not to the study of the climate. ” It is not by chance that you are looking directly at the tragic change of the planet, but to affirm very strongly the warning “about what will be necessary to put into practice”.

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