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Meteor shower

There is a Taiwanese song: I will accompany you to see the meteor shower falling on this earth. A Gemini meteor shower was staged last weekend (13th and 14th). Without the influence of moonlight, it should be easier to be seen. In December, the month of love, with the meteor shower, it is more romantic.

But in Macau, can you see a meteor shower? In recent days, the weather in Macao is mainly cloudy, the air quality is normal, and the sky is gray. Not to talk about meteor showers, even the blue sky is hard to find. This Gemini meteor shower, the Hong Kong Space Museum broadcast live on Youtube, captured sporadic meteor shower across the sky. In Alishan, Taiwan, meteors can be seen across the sky. In Macau, in social media or traditional media, no one has mentioned that it can be seen in Macau.

Macau has always been affected by light pollution. People can only find one or two stars when they look up to the sky. It is even more impossible to see in urban area. This year, due to the pandemic, those resorts in Cotai have reduced the lighting on their exterior walls, which has made it easy to find stars in the sky of Macau. In November, I had seen Orion in Coloane and this made me excited.

Originally, the sky can be seen only by looking up, but in Macau, it had become a particularly luxurious. No matter how high the resolution of the screen is, 2K, 4K or even 8K movies cannot replace the feeling of eye to see the stars. Do you still remember whom you are with, under the sky full of stars last time?

*Chinese Editor of Plataforma Macau

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