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Travel bubbles

The “Air Travel Bubble” established by Hong Kong and Singapore was originally scheduled to start on November 22, but recently, the situation of Covid-19 in Hong Kong has gone worse. The Hong Kong government announced that the “Travel Bubble” plan will be implemented two weeks later. The specific implementation date will be announced early next month.

Under the pandemic, Macau, which relies on tourism heavily, has recovered its economy after resuming the mainland people individual visit scheme. However, it seems that the Macau “tourism bubble” plan did not go well. Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng said that some countries or regions still prohibit Macau citizen to entry. He said Macau is too small and powerless.

If people want to choose a place to reach a “tourism bubble” with Macau, Taiwan may be the first choice. According to the information of Taiwan Covid-19 situation, Taiwan has had no local cases for more than 200 consecutive days since April 30 this year, and the recent imported cases are very few.

Macau and Taiwan have close relationship. Many secondary school graduate students would like to choose Taiwan for further study. There are also many Taiwanese employees working in Macau, related to the travel industry. Although there is no official statistics, there must have “long-distance” couples between these two places. This year, the pandemic cut off the contacts between Macau and other places, it is a hard test of long-distance relationship. Under this bad atmosphere of Covid situation, it is quite easy to lose yourself without the loved one accompanies around.

December is coming, a month for love and romantic. Can a “tourism bubble” be implemented? It depends on the cooperation between governments. Of course, the prevention and control of pandemic should be consider at the first place. During the First World War, more than 100 years ago, during the Christmas period, the German, British and French troops on the front line also had a brief truce in private, which made people feel the meaning of the holiday.

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