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Mourinho says he no longer feels the “Special One” and suggests a new nickname

He left FC Porto in 2004 and went to Chelsea, earning the nickname “Special One” when he coached the blues. Now he says he feels like “Experienced One”

Known since the time he trained at Chelsea for “Special One”, José Mourinho now confesses that he no longer feels that he is “the special”, but “the experienced”. In an interview with Tencent Sports, ESPN’s partner in China, the Portuguese says he would change the nickname to “Experienced One”.

The Tottenham coach says that training requires the combination of experience and knowledge. “Basically, everything that happens to me now in football is a deja vu. It has happened before. There are jobs where you need to have a special physical condition, such as being a football player. A 40-year-old does not have the same potential as a 20 or 30… unless he is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. To train only you need the brain, an accumulation of experiences and knowledge that can only make you better ”, he explained.

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