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Luanda police deny responsibility for the death of a protester

The spokesman for the Luanda provincial command of the police today removed any responsibility from the agents in the death of a young man during the demonstration last Wednesday in the Angolan capital, reiterating that the police action was “legal and legitimate”

“The young man did not die at the demonstration and these were the doctors’ statements about the young man’s death, so the young man’s death had nothing to do with the police,” said Nestor Goubel today.

According to the representative, the young man was not shot dead during the demonstration – as activists say – but died in the hospital after a surgical intervention.

According to that official, the police, on Wednesday, acted to “stop a demonstration that did not meet the necessary assumptions for its realization”, reinforcing that the corporation “did not use live ammunition”.

Nestor Goubel guaranteed that an investigation into police action will not be opened. The police acted with the “use of proportional force” on these types of occasions and “acted in a legal, legitimate and customary manner in these situations,” he said.

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