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Trump campaign prepares new actions, without much conviction

The Republican candidate Donald Trump did not admit defeat to Biden, and his team estimates that chances of success in court are small.

Donald Trump’s campaign is gearing up to take yet another series of lawsuits this week, contesting the vote count in several states, but experts say they do not believe that judicialization will change the outcome of the presidential election, which gave Joe Biden victory.

Even so, Trump shows no signs that he will admit defeat or that he will cooperate with the elected president in the transition process.

Rudy Giuliani, a Trump lawyer who has been spearheading the legal offensive, said on Sunday (8) that his team must file four or five lawsuits to report electoral fraud in the key states at the end of the race: Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wisconsin.

“It would be wrong for him [Trump] to admit defeat at this point,” Giuliani told FoxNews. “There is strong evidence that this election has been stolen in at least three or four states and possibly ten. That is, the election was based on false votes. We can’t help but contest that. ”

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