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Bolsonaro is “with his heart in his hands” because of his friend Trump

Brazilian President believes Donald Trump can win the US elections. Planalto should avoid recognizing Biden’s eventual victory immediately.

A declared fan of Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro said on Wednesday that “hope is the last to die” when speaking of the American elections, which show his Republican friend at a disadvantage compared to Democrat Joe Biden. “I am here with my heart in hand with what is happening in the United States,” said Bolsonaro in front of Palácio Alvorada.

Bolsonaro has always supported Trump. “I have a good relationship with Trump, I hope he will be re-elected. Brazil will continue to be Brazil. Without interfering in anything, even because who are we to interfere? ”Concluded Bolsonaro.

In the past few hours, Donald Trump has revealed that he has filed lawsuits to suspend vote counting in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania. He also asked for a recount in Wisconsin. This also means that Planalto should not recognize Joe Biden as president, even if he reaches the mark of 270 delegates at the electoral college.

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