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“America, make the World Great Again”

In 2016, Donald Trump emerged in the eyes of the world – and of many Americans as well – with a phrase that promised major changes in American politics. Including foreign policy.

“Make America Great Again” was just a harbinger of the way he handled NATO, WHO or the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Despite everything, in 2016 we didn’t know for sure what Donald Trump was worth or what he would do. Today we know.

Externally, he despised allies, brought highly dubious political regimes together, turned economic and political opponents into finger-pointed enemies. With him – and after him – it is difficult to admit that the world is better.

Internally, he despised Pandemic and Obamacare in a row, cut taxes for the richest, watched and lived without contesting – I don’t mean instigating – a growth in racist phenomena. They are not exclusive to American society, but American society was showing signs of fighting them intelligently. Donald Trump inherited the power of Barack Obama, to give just one example.

In addition, Trump, over these 4 years, has actually saved and invested in lying whenever it was favorable to him. We know that he was not the only American president to do so, but I do not know if another did so clearly.

By this time around 90 million Americans have already gone to the polls and voted in advance. Earlier this week, the rest will go.

America to the world – like it or not – is far more important than Donald Trump. So at this point, it’s not just about waiting for the polls to be confirmed at the polls, giving Joe Biden the victory. At this point it was good that this victory was expressive for Trump and his acolytes to accept defeat.

These days America has a responsibility to start building a “Great Again” World. Stop the democratic recession and give a first sign of the recovery of world democracy.


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