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Portugal returns to the state of calamity. Use of mask on public roads recommended

“We can classify the evolution of the pandemic in Portugal as a serious evolution,” said Prime Minister António Costa, who announced eight new measures, including gatherings of no more than 5 people and a limit of 50 people at weddings or baptisms

“It is necessary to continue with non-covid hospital activity and face-to-face teaching. Control of the pandemic depends on each one of us, ”said António Costa. “

Eight measures: a) raise the level of alert to a state of calamity, enabling the government to adopt, whenever necessary, the measures that are justified to contain the pandemic, from circulation issues to others; b) as of midnight today, there will be no more than five people gatherings, the same being applied in restaurants; c) limit family events, such as weddings or baptisms, to a maximum of 50 participants; d) prohibit educational establishments from all academic celebrations; e) to determine the security forces and ASAE to reinforce inspection on public roads and in commercial and catering establishments; f) increase fines of up to 10 thousand euros to legal persons that do not comply with current rules; g) strongly recommend to all citizens the use of a community mask on the public road whenever there are other people on the public road and use of the STAY AWAY COVID application; h) to present to the Assembly of the Republic a law proposal to impose the obligation to wear a mask on public roads and to use the STAY AWAY COVID application ”.

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