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Equal pay between men and women will not happen in this century

On average, the earnings of women and men will only balance in 2104, data indicate. In nine countries the disparity is still growing

Thousands of Swiss women screamed for a minute when the clock struck 3:24. This is the time of day when they start working for free, because of the wage gap between men and women in the country. If Europeans from other countries adopt the protest made in Switzerland in June, mass shouts will still be heard throughout this century in most of them, calculations released this month show.

Based on data from the European Union’s statistical department (Eurostat), the entity calculated how long it would take for wage equilibrium if the pace of disparities observed between 2010 and 2018 was maintained.

On average, the male advantage in wages fell by just 1% in those years, a trend that would bring a balance between earnings just 84 years from now.

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