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CIIE transport arrangements well underway

The countdown to the third China International Import Expo has hit 30 days and transport arrangements are going according to plan, the city’s transportation commission said on Monday.

It said 29 projects for improving expo-related roads will be completed at the end of October. Several have already been finished, such as part of the North-South Elevated Road from the Outer Ring Road to Luban Overpass and Beidi Road from Outer to Middle Ring roads.

Plans for passengers taking Metro Lines 2, 10 and 17 have been worked out. These lines can take passengers to and from the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the CIIE venue.

To relieve pressure on the Metro lines during the six-day event, bus line 71 will be extended to link the exhibition center and three lines for the shuttle buses between the center and Jinyun Road station on Line 13, Zhongchun Road station on Line 9 and Qixin Road station on Line 12 will be settled.

A hundred buses will be on standby for emergency situations and 2,500 new-energy taxis will work for the expo.

Buses will be disinfected per trip and taxis should be cleaned every day.

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