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UNITA opens doors to Chivukuvuku, but imposes conditions

The party only accepts the return of the record if there is a public justification on the reasons that made it leave the party to found, in 2012, the Wide Convergence of Salvation in Angola (CASA-CE)

The secretary general of the largest opposition party, Álvaro Chicuamanga, told VOA Português that all the hints that are being made about a possible return from Chivukuvuku, do not reflect the official point of view of the UNITA leadership. “There is no official position because neither he has officially expressed this intention”, he revealed.

Chicuamanga recognizes that the departure of Chivukuvuku after 30 years of active militancy, “caused a bleeding” in the political organization, however he considers that there is no resentment that can prevent the reframing, “each at his own level” of the leaders who at some point incompatible with the party.

In fact, Chicuamanga recalls, many of the members of UNITA who joined CASA-CE have already decided to return. “The range of comrades who returned to the party is very good and significant,” he recalled.

Abel Chivukuvuku, a historic activist and former UNITA leader, joined the party in 1974, moving in 1979 to the military branch of the movement. He even became a political assistant to the failed president of UNITA, Jonas Savimbi, in whose name he maintained contacts with José Eduardo dos Santos, president of MPLA and Angola. He left UNITA, in 2010, in disagreement with the then president of the party, Isaías Samakuva, to found a new political project, the Wide Convergence of National Salvation (CASA-CE), with which he ran for the September 2012 elections.

The Angolan politician has been cited in Angolan civil society as having expressed willingness to join any other party, after the Constitutional Court failed his political project PRA-JA Servir Angola. However, Chivukuvuku is said to have excluded the MPLA from that possibility.

However, the MPLA considered Chivukuvuku’s accusations of “alleged interference” in the Constitutional Court to “derail the legalization” of the PRA-JA Servir Angola political project as “free and unfounded”. The controversy is installed.

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