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Why does the holiday effect wear off so quickly?

Arriving on vacation, returning to work and, on the second day, having that feeling that you needed to rest again? Because, this is common, experts explain why and leave strategies to combat this state

The question is more frequent than you might think and usually arrives much earlier than expected and after returning from a rest period. But, after all, why does the feeling of rest and rest obtained on vacation threaten to fade so quickly?

On the website of the French magazine Madame Figaro, psychiatrist Michel Lejoyeux begins by talking about the game of expectations, which are always high during the holidays. “Currently, they should be therapeutic, like food or romantic relationships, but they are not,” he admits. “We look at this period as a drug or a type of antibiotic whose effects would reduce fatigue and overwork and, above all, last forever. But these are moments of pleasure, of rest, and not of life changes ”, he warns.

So, if it is time to set your hopes on a scale, it is also time to remember the frantic pace in which you are immersed. It is precisely this side that addresses the work psychologist and clinician Sébastien Hof to the same publication.

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