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Taking care of the economy and taking care of health

Paulo Rego*

Tourist visas for Macau reopen across China on September 23, the National Immigration Administration announced. Excellent news for the local economy, which needs it like bread for the mouth. China, which isolated Wuhan six months ago, is now showing signs of conscious vitality – urgent and welcome.

Against the thesis of Western sources, China avoids missteps in the race for the vaccine. In Russia, Vladimir Putin announces the magic formula of healing, in a populist style that includes the test made by the “emperor’s” own daughter. Scientists warn of the catastrophe of a poorly tested vaccine. And this, announced in Moscow, does not even complete two of the four mandatory verification phases. Until you see it, Chinese research follows much more credible standards, with the policy realizing that, if the cure does not arrive, we cannot die of distance.

Mobility must return, with due respect for pandemic prevention measures and the change in habits that this entails.

Worldwide, the drop in GDP, catadupa bankruptcies and mass unemployment project a greater scare than that of covid-19. The pandemic exists, like others in the past and the future. You cannot live without this awareness, but life cannot wait sitting forever.

Macau thanks the foresight and courage of the Government, which closed borders and protected the population. Acting quickly was very important. But the sanitary cord suffocates us if all other evils assail us.

There are those in Macau who prefer to prolong the economic distress, stopping the pandemic on the other side. But China rules the border…. It is up to each individual to redouble health care. Paradise is not coming, because the pandemic demon is there…. Here comes the lesser evil: a slow, difficult and necessary recovery, with the individual and collective health care that the economy requires.

*General Director of Plataforma

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