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“Live-streaming Commerce” is becoming more rational in China

The overall revenue of live-streaming commerce in July dropped 40% directly from June, from 13.5 billion yuan to 8 billion yuan, according to Pangqiu Data’s latest ranking list of live-streaming commerce sales in July 2020.

This is not surprising at all.

The first and most direct reason is that the purchasing power of many people was high in June, especially during the period of “618 online shopping festival”, and then slowed down in July.

Secondly, after several months of market education, consumers tend to have a more rational understanding of live streaming. The outbreak of the pandemic has given the opportunity for a high frequency appearance and market popularization of live-streaming commerce. However, the shopping experience in the past few months may have also revealed the bubbles of the industry.

Furthermore, the threshold of live-streaming with goods is getting lower and lower. Driven by the COVID-19, more and more participants have poured into the industry, and the dividends of airlines are being divided bit by bit, thus truly entering the shuffling period.

Last but not least, supervision is constantly tightening….

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