Início » Oil for corn. The scheme between Venezuela and Mexico

Oil for corn. The scheme between Venezuela and Mexico

A move with the signature of Alex Saab, the Colombian close to Maduro, detained in Cape Verde. The agreement provided for the delivery of corn and tanker trucks, but the cereal was nothing more than a mirage and only a third of the vehicles were delivered.

A joint investigation by El País and the Venezuelan investigative journalism website reveals the details of an agreement made under the cover of humanitarian aid that has drained Venezuelan oil in exchange for corn and tankers from Mexico.

From the agreement signed in June 2019 by the Mexican company Libre Abordo and the Venezuelan Corporation for Foreign Trade (Corpovex), divided between two contracts valued at almost 200 million euros, more than 30 million barrels of crude oil were shipped through this scheme, which violates US sanctions against Venezuela.

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