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Catholic Church criticizes President of Brazil in open letter

A group of bishops and archbishops of the Catholic Church criticized the President of the Republic. The signatories claim that Bolsonaro is responsible for a deep political and governance crisis that has put Brazil in a perfect storm.

“Brazil is going through one of the most difficult periods in its history, compared to a ‘perfect storm’ that painfully needs to be crossed,” reads the text signed by 152 members of the Catholic Church in Brazil, released by Lusa .

“The cause of this storm is the combination of an unprecedented health crisis with an overwhelming collapse of the economy and with the tension that befell the fundamentals of the Republic, caused, in large measure, by the President of the Republic and other sectors of society, resulting in a deep political and governance crisis, ”adds the document.

For Brazilian bishops and archbishops, this scenario brings dangerous impasses, which put the country to the test in this time that demands from its institutions, leaders and civil organizations much more dialogue than closed ideological speeches.

“We are called upon to present objective proposals and pacts, with a view to overcoming the great challenges, in favor of life, especially of the most vulnerable and excluded segments, in this structurally unequal, unjust and violent society. This reality does not entail indifference ”, defend the prelates.

The signatories of the letter claim to have clearly perceived the inability and inability of Brazil’s managers to face the social, economic and health crisis that the country faces, which became more evident during the covid-19 pandemic, and criticize neoliberal economic policy defended by the Government.

“An economy that insists on neoliberalism, which favors the monopoly of small powerful groups to the detriment of the great majority of the population, is unsustainable”, accuse the bishops and archbishops, arguing that the executive “does not place the human person and the good of all at the center , but the uncompromising defense of the interests of an economy that kills, centered on the market and profit ”.

Catholic prelates accuse Jair Bolsonaro and his government of practicing contempt for education, culture, health and diplomacy.

“This contempt is visible in the demonstrations of anger towards public education, in the appeal to obscurantist ideas, in the choice of education as the enemy, in the successive and gross errors in the choice of the Ministers of Education and the Environment and the Secretary of Culture,” says open letter.

“Even religion is used to manipulate feelings and beliefs, to cause divisions, to spread hatred, to create tensions between churches and their leaders. It should be stressed how pernicious is the whole association between religion and power in the secular state, especially the association between fundamentalist religious groups and the maintenance of authoritarian power ”, they say.

At the end of the letter, these members of the Catholic Church highlight the need for unity in respect for plurality and in the establishment of a broad national dialogue in Brazil involving people committed to democracy, so that respect for the Constitution and the State is restored. democratic right.

According to the Metrópoles portal, the document, signed by 152 religious, should have been published on Wednesday (7/22), but was suspended for the permanent council of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) to analyze the content of the letter. The religious who signed the document, entitled “Letter to the People of God”, feared that the conservative wing of the CNBB would prevent disclosure.

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