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Jorge Jesus deal could pass the 35 million

Conversations are still taking place between the emissary of Benfica and Flamengo, to make it possible for Jorge Jesus to return to Portugal. However, the incarnates have already done the math and the hiring of the Portuguese coach will cost more than 35 million.

As Plataforma revealed first-hand, there is already an understanding between Benfica and Jorge Jesus, and it is even possible that the coach will travel to Portugal by the end of the week, depending on tomorrow’s match with Fluminense, counting for the Rio Cup. If you win, then you can return immediately, otherwise you will still have to play two more games with Flamengo.

His trip, however, is also dependent on the understanding between Benfica and Fla. The first conversations have already taken place, they will continue today, but – even because they already have the coach’s yes – Luís Filipe Vieira has also started to do accounts for Jorge Jesus’ hiring costs.

Luís Filipe Vieira’s idea is to give the coach a long-term contract of three or four years. The salary that the president wants to offer is the same that he earns in Flamengo, of four million euros tax free. In Portugal for the coach to take home that amount, the club will have to pay as many in taxes. All told, if the contract is for four years, Benfica will have to support 32 million in Jorge Jesus’ salaries alone.

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