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Iolanda looks at Pedro

Arsénio Reis*

She doesn’t like herself; it hurts her to be called into existence. Beautiful woman, strong in seduction, full of love, rich in inheritance and marriage …

She carries the weight of being who she is in her soul. Dragging a slow, gloomy gait; sadness sways in his eyes, which does not let anyone aim. Iolanda looks at Pedro: she no longer knows how to stay.

Pedro Lima shakes. I liked him, on the screen; likes him better in the grave. It has respect for you, you understand it; knows that no one notices it. It reads: 800 thousand subsidies per year, one victim every 40 seconds in the world; for each, 20 more attempts. It will get worse, he concludes. Crisis, unemployment, domestic violence, loneliness, mourning… Too much tension in the air; angry people, lost … It is difficult to dream.

*Director at Plataforma

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