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True freedom

João Melo

I’ve been trying to understand quantum physics for years. It is not intuitive and many of its parts seem absurd. In the wave-particle duality, for example, particles behave either as particles or as waves.

It will be like saying that the water is both dry and wet. Einstein himself, one of the founders of this physics, believed he was wrong. Today, several currents are established, none is conclusive, however they all share a common idea: they assume the existence of a “field”. It has never been proven, however, when considered in equations, it allows to make incredibly correct mathematical predictions about the physical universe. What field is this, why does it exist, who created it? I prefer to refrain from spiritual considerations and science has no answer, it just states that it must exist. For quantum physics, everything that anyone can think, everything that cannot think , everything that no one has thought about already exists in the form of a wave in that field. As a musician I feel this viscerally.

*Musician and Ambassador of Plataforma

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