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The rich tremble and the poor fall

Before the pandemic, the poor were poor. After the pandemic, the poor will become even poorer. Doubts? You should.

Only a certification was missing. It was given this week by the President of the World Bank. According to this official, a world economy is facing “abysmal damage” and the recovery will be caused by the lack of funds to repair the damage caused by the covid-19 pandemic. And he recalls that “the poorest countries that start to suffer more contractions because they were already close to the limit of poverty before the pandemic”.

We are thus presented in a scenario of launching into an open wound that bears or is called inequality.

they are “the poorest countries that start to contract more dangerous because they were already close to the poverty line before the pandemic”.

“The poor have so little money that it is not much needed for the richest,” says Esther Duflo, 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics. developing countries rethink the structure of their economies. They will have to follow their luck alone without help from anyone. For Malpass, political executives must invest in new types of jobs and companies to “adapt to the economy of the future instead of trying to recapitalize the economy of the past”.

This alert goes, not only, for those involved in this application. It must be taken seriously by rich countries. Yes, there are also poor people in the most affluent economies. And there are many. These millions of people, causing so many male aggressions, try to survive a disease on a daily basis – they even take their own name, but certainly suffer many difficulties in surviving economic death.

Let’s get ready. The worst is yet to come and will arrive tomorrow.

*Editor at Plataforma

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