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Catarina Furtado: “Volunteering brings me peace and concern”

The TV series “Príncipes do Nada” is back for the season 5 on RTP and the presenter tells, in an interview, the most dramatic stories she experienced near the refugees.

It’s in the Association Corações com Coroa, in Belém, overlooking Tagus river, that Catarina Furtado feels at home to talk about season 5 of “Príncipes do Nada”, the RTP Channel series about refugees that has already taken her around the world and now bring us to Greece, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Uganda and Colombia.

The program of the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund has ten episodes and will premiere on June 9, at 9 pm, on RTP1. The “Príncipes do Nada” was first premiered 14 years ago to show the reality of developing countries and those that had natural disasters, such as Indonesia with the tsunami or Haiti with the earthquak.

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