Início » Marcelo and Costa have lunch today, after a mini-crisis with Centeno

Marcelo and Costa have lunch today, after a mini-crisis with Centeno

The Prime Minister and the President of the Republic have lunch together this Thursday at the Palace of Belém, in Lisbon, after meeting with epidemiologists at Infarmed. In the case of the usual weekly meeting, the episode of the mini-crisis with Mário Centeno, for now apparently remedied, will certainly be at the table.

The private lunch between António Costa and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is not on the agenda of either, but has already been confirmed by JN, as it is the usual Thursday meeting. This time, the meeting takes on a special significance, after, on Wednesday night, António Costa called the Minister of Finance to São Bento to try to remedy the “lack of information” by Mário Centeno about the transfer of 850 million euros to the Novo Banco Resolution Fund (NB) and which was being used by the opposition, namely the PSD leader, Rui Rio, to accuse the minister of lack of loyalty and challenge Costa to resign it.

For now, it is certain that Centeno remains in the Government at least until July, until the delivery of the Amending Budget to Parliament. It remains to be seen whether it is to stay or if the desire to leave remains, eventually to take over as Governor of Banco de Portugal, which will be left vacant in July by Carlos Costa.

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