Início » Thousands in Macau required to test after case detected in neighboring city of Zhuhai

Thousands in Macau required to test after case detected in neighboring city of Zhuhai

Thousands of people in Macau are forced to take a covid-19 test after the neighboring city of Zhuhai detected a positive case, a man who works in the territory, authorities announced today.

A building on the Macau peninsula where hundreds of people live has been cordoned off, the location of the positive case, and thousands who live near his workplace must take an antigen and nucleic acid test by the end of the day.

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If they fail to do so, they risk getting health code yellow, which determines the inability, for example, to use transportation or enter public spaces, authorities told a press conference today.

Workers on the first floor of another building are also being isolated because of possible contact with the man diagnosed with covid-19, who had registered ten negative tests in recent weeks, the last of which was on Thursday.

At the press conference, the director of the Macau Health Bureau advised the population to limit themselves to essential activities and to comply with the mask-wearing requirement.

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Macau, which follows the zero-case policy imposed by Beijing, was entering a process that authorities called normalization after an outbreak that in a month and a half infected more than 1,800 people and caused six deaths, elderly people diagnosed with chronic diseases.

Macau then proceeded to isolate parts of the city and enforced quarantines, to a partial confinement, with the closing of establishments, which even included casinos, and bet on massive testing of the population almost daily to eradicate the outbreak.

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