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PSP. More police stations at risk of closing in August

Rui Miguel Godinho

After the largest police station in Porto closed over the weekend, the union warns that closures could be repeated, both in the coming days and in August. To DN, president of the Union Association of Police Professionals says that the vacations may cause more constraints in police facilities. President of the Observatory for Security, Organized Crime and Terrorism says that “situation is worrying”.

The closing of police stations due to lack of staff is a reality and may worsen further with the arrival of the month of August. This is the warning left by Paulo Santos, president of the Association of Police Professionals (ASPP), in statements to DN. The union leader explained that next month “is a vacation period and, in addition to this, there are those who are on extended sick leave and end up decompensating the service in police stations”. Besides, he adds, “the problem isn’t only in Oporto or Lisbon. In the Azores, for example, there are months that there are police stations that have to close the service for lack of staff.

Bairro Alto area is considered one of the most critical areas for lack of policing in Lisbon.
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The alert comes days after the largest police station in Porto closed for lack of staff. And according to Paulo Santos, already this week, last Monday, “the Ermesinde police station was closed” during the night for the same reasons. O DN knows that the same situation will happen in the police stations of Valongo and Maia tonight, with the service of both to close between 00:00 and 08:00.

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